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Prepare for high winds and tornadoes

By Mary Jorgensen

High winds are a danger to people and property. Learning what to look for and how to properly prepare can save lives and minimize damage.

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Distractions contribute to pedestrian deaths, injuries

By Neal Holladay

“I didn’t see them!” That’s usually the first thing someone says when they’ve been involved in a vehicle-pedestrian crash. The latest statistical year shows that 5,977 pedestrians were killed in U.S. traffic crashes – one every 1.5 hours, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures. In addition, 129,000 pedestrians were treated for non-fatal crash-related injuries. While these figures remained about steady compared with the prior year, the numbers are still alarming.

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Household substances put parents of teens on alert

By Steve Heiden

We all know about the importance of limiting teen access to alcohol, prescription medications and similar substances around the house. However, some teenagers are finding ways to abuse products commonly found at home or easily purchased in the community.

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Expect the unexpected: Name a contingent beneficiary on your life insurance policy

By Ann S. Binzer

Life doesn’t always go as planned. When you married, you did the responsible thing and purchased life insurance policies for both you and your spouse. Each of you named the other as beneficiary, ensuring that no matter who passed away first, the survivor would be taken care of. At least, that was the plan.

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Planning key to successful home renovation

By Cincinnati Insurance

Home improvement projects seem to have no season. While many big outdoor projects happen in spring and summer, homeowners may find the best time to work on a renovation project is when contractors are available or materials are less expensive. In fact, if your project is not weather-dependent, you might get a better deal at some other time of year. No matter when you plan your next home project, our bloggers have tips that can ease your mind.

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